The Ark was filled in pairs.
Who is paired with you?

Our focus

Five-Star Consulting. Professional Services. Top Level Sales.

Proven track record improving efficiency, increasing revenue, decreasing costs, and finding maximum profitability

Professional Services

A Life-Coach on steroids. For you or your business.


Margins are important. We look to maximize both top-line revenue and profitability.

About US

Mission: Partner with every client to find and achieve every goal. This isn't a one-man show. We put our money where are mouth is and take equity stake to ensure that the only way we succeed, is if you succeed.

Our goals are shared goals. Our successes are shared successes. Are your partners fully invested in your future? We offer services no matter what stage your company is in. Whether you need a first-time web site or an updated responsive site to translate across all mobile devices, we can help. Having issues with sales or need to increase margins? We can assist. Looking for a trip around the world, costing pennies on the dollar? That's our thing.

  • arkhwd

    Web Site Design & Consulting

  • Arkbuy

    Promotional Buyer

  • Arkcos - B'More Sales

    Experienced Reseller


    Travel Consultants

Our Team

Elizabeth Davis
Investment Banking? Check. Consulting? Check. Data Intelligence? Check. Experience with multiple start-ups and Fortune 500 Companies.


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