• Tips & Tricks

    Award Wallet
    AwardWallet.Com is a very useful web site that keeps all of your airline and hotel information. With one click you can view all of your miles/points. It helps you see when miles/points expire and is an invaluable tool for remembering your various account numbers. Awardwallet basic is free, but for $5 you can get access to some nice upgraded features. Unfortunately, Delta, American, and Southwest has blocked any sites from capturing this information, but you can still input the data manually.

    Business Cards
    Don’t have a business? Are you sure? If you have sold anything on ebay, craigslist, write a blog, babysit…those are all businesses! When filling out the credit card application just tell the truth: Check the individual or sole proprietor option, your social security number should be used for the tax id, and your annual sales may very well be $0. You just opened up a world of new possibilities!

    Google Reader Feedly
    The discontinuation of Google Reader has really caused me a lot of heartburn and wasted time. Fortunately Feedly is trying to mimic Google Reader and has greatly improved their product over the past couple of months. A list of the blogs I follow daily can be found in the For The Now Obsessed section.

    Online Shopping
    This has netted me thousands of “free” miles. Most credit cards have online shopping portals where you earn at minimum 1 point/mile per dollar, but often there are monthly specials to receive up to 10 points/miles per dollar. CashBackMonitor.Com is a free search tool that shows you which shopping portal will give you the most miles/points if you search through it. An absolute must!

    Dining Programs
    One of my favorite local bars is a member of United’s Dining Network (MP Rewards Network). Now, every time I order a beer, not only am I receiving miles and points from the credit card, but United is also giving me an additional 5 miles per dollar!