• 5-Star Trip Consulting

    Have a trip-of-a-lifetime that you always wish you could take? Want to spend under $600 for a pair of first-class tickets and 5-star hotels to just about anywhere in the world?

    My consulting service can help. And, you don’t pay for anything until your trip is booked.

    How it works:

    1. You will want to begin planning 6-9 months in advance. It is possible for a trip to be made later than that, but since it can take some time to meet spending thresholds and for miles/points to post, 6+ months out is ideal.
    2. The first step will be a quick self-credit-check. I will take you through every step of the process, and you are looking at about 20 minutes to complete this entire step. This is crucial, as a healthy credit score is required before moving on to the next steps.
    3. The next step is deciding where you want to travel. This does not need to be specific (i.e. an exact country/hotel/airline), but needs to pinpoint enough to figure out what will be required to get there. Australia? Asia? Europe? Caribbean?
    4. Step-by-Step planning. We will work together to apply for specific credit cards to get you what you need. We will discuss current credit cards in your wallet, spending thresholds and organize all of the details.
    5. We will work through the approval process together. Did you receive a “Pending” or “Decline” on an application? That doesn’t mean you won’t get approved eventually. At this point, I have only had one decline and over 26 approvals in the past 30 months…and many of the approvals were not instant.
    6. Booking process: Sometimes the award you want does not have availability on the dates you need. I will work with you until you have the flights and hotels booked.